La Gondola – In Vetro di Murano


La Gondola. Made of glass. Entirely handmade. A unique piece.

La Gondola is a product that epitomises the Murano technique and perfectly conveys those values of preciousness, brilliance, colour and craftsmanship that have made Murano the world capital of blown glass for centuries. In collaboration with the “breath” of the Master Glassmaker, a uniquely important collection of glass art has been created: a precious, handmade glass object, which represents the unmistakable symbol of Venice the world over.

Dimensions: length 60 cm X height 6 cm X depth 7,5 cm / Base size 8 cm X height 8 cm / Gondoliere height 13 cm / Oar height 20 cm


The asymmetrical shape has been reinterpreted on a small scale and is faithful both in form and detail, from the use of ultra-elegant black glass, to the handmade gold-leaf decorations; from the metal Féro that faithfully reproduces the original symbolism of the gondola, to the Gondolier with oar dressed in the typical Venetian uniform. The striking result is a product of art and luxury, a precious fragment of the magic of Venice and its traditions. Uniqueness, craftsmanship and attention to detail are the values of La Gondola, an elegant and exquisite Italian creation that fully reflects the beauty of a city that is unique in the world.